NorthScope for Dynamics GP

    NorthScope for Dynamics GP

    NorthScope is a complete cloud based ERP system that enhances Microsoft Dynamics GP.

    NorthScope is a comprehensive business management software solution, which integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP, to add a rich set of features designed to help you manage your business. NorthScope was created for companies that require a complete ERP system, such as Dynamics GP, but wish to use their systems to manage their business processes for all departments and not just to store data.

    Unlike other system add-ons or enhancements, which may only provide one or two features, NorthScope offers a complete, process-driven application, with features that cover all areas of your business. NorthScope for Dynamics GP provides a complete solution that enhances your processes for sales management, shipping and logistics, inventory management, purchasing, project accounting, costing, and more. The interface is easy to learn, and reduces complex tasks into simple transactions.

    NorthScope lets you take advantage of the power of Dynamics GP while adding tools to better manage your business and allow your staff to work faster and more efficiently.

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    NorthScope completes your ERP Solution and lowers your IT costs.

    ERP systems can be either a valuable company asset, or a hindrance to maximizing your potential. Your business systems should provide a long-term solution, which is instrumental in managing your processes, and can easily adapt to changes in your business and industry. Some of the common system issues that businesses face include:

    • The business has expanded and out-grown their current ERP systems’ functionalities.
    • There are important customer requirements and regulations that are entirely dependent on manual processes and hoping that users never make mistakes.
    • System customizations are preventing upgrades, or have become too expensive to manage.
    • There are integration needs with warehouse management, timekeeping, EDI, and document management systems that are not being met.
    • Increases in telecommuting, business travel, and remote offices have placed a higher importance on fast and reliable remote access to your data and systems.
    • Systems that lack functionality or are overly complex require additional staff time and expertise.
    • Training new staff on the current systems and procedures is not cost effective.
    • Adding new software licenses is not cost effective.
    • The current system has become outdated and is preventing the company from upgrading to modern technology.
    • There are too many applications, managed by multiple vendors, with varying degrees of integration.

    There are various ways companies try to solve these issues. One option is to find and implement a completely new system. While this may fix many of the issues, it is typically the most expensive and disruptive option. Another option is for system customization to fill some of the gaps. While customizations may be initially less expensive than adding a new module or applications, they have a high long-term cost, and may impact future upgrades. A third option is to find and implement add-on applications to integrate with current systems. These are usually better than customization, but you may be required to find several applications from different manufactures to meet all your needs. Another disadvantage is that you can end up with multiple applications that have function differently which increases your long term training and maintenance costs.

    NorthScope for Dynamics GP solves all these issues in one comprehensive application.

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    NorthScope adds the functionality you need to grow and manage your business.

    Routine tasks such as purchasing, receivables, financials, budgeting, and month-end can be relatively standard across many businesses. However, your company may have unique processes and procedures that differentiate it from other companies. NorthScope understands that the “one size fits all” approach to ERP systems does not work for every business, and that companies today must streamline, automate, and take more control over their processes to be competitive.

    NorthScope lets you take advantage of the power of Dynamics GP while adding tools to better manage your business and allow your staff to work faster and more efficient. NorthScope eliminates system customizations, adds missing functionality, provides a modern and easy to use interface, removes tedious and manual tasks, and allows you to incorporate your company knowledge into your systems. The result is a solution that manages the uniqueness of your business, is easy to learn and use, and does not rely on your best people never being able to take a vacation. Whether you have unique customer requirements, strict internal procedures, or work in a complex environment NorthScope for Dynamics GP is the right solution for you.

    In addition to providing a complete web based, easy to use, and integrated solution for Dynamics GP NorthScope adds key features including:


    • Automated Report Distribution
    • Brokerage and Commissions
    • Catch Weight (variable weight) items
    • Data level security
    • Delivered Freight Accruals
    • Formula Based Lot Costing
    • In-transit Product Transfers
    • Product Holds – manual or automated
    • Production Lot Tracking
    • Project Accounting
    • Promotion Management
    • Sales Contracts
    • Sales Order – Configurable Data Entry Rules
    • Sales Order – Customer Item Restrictions
    • Sales Order – Customer Templates
    • Sales Order – Price Adjustments
    • Shipping & Logistics
    • Transaction Reason Codes
    • Workflow Management

    NorthScope also extends existing GP features including:

    • Item Management
    • Customer & Vendor Contact Management
    • Enhanced Module Preferences
    • Enhanced Production Transaction
    • Enhanced Transfer Transaction
    • Enhanced Unit of Measure Schedules
    • Enhanced Sales Order Transaction
    • Inside vs. Outside Salesperson assignments
    • Process Driven Transactions
    • Sales Order – Returns
    • User Defined Fields
    • User Configurable Screens

    NorthScope provides an unbeatable solution for your business.

    NorthScope was designed and built by a team focused on utilizing software for process improvement. Our staff designs, builds, implements, and supports the application, reducing your risk of working with multiple vendors and software resellers who may not fully understand the software or your industry.

    NorthScope allows you to configure for your procedures, your customer requirements, and government regulations. This was done to solve three basic business needs:

    • It reduces the time required to train new employees
    • It reduces the dependency on employees needing to know everything about your company and customer procedures to avoid data entry mistakes
    • It reduces the risk associated with all your intellectual property walking out the door if one or two of your key employees leave.

    NorthScope customers have direct impact on the features of the application. Unlike most generic solutions, our customers have a direct channel to our design team which gives them meaningful input into our development roadmap.

    NorthScope is a web based solution which allows your company to take advantage of modern technology and keep your IT infrastructure current rather than requiring you to remain on outdated servers, workstations, and office software.

    NorthScope is a cloud based system that you can access from any computer with internet access. It is designed to integrate with current ERP systems, such as Microsoft Dynamics GP, to provide additional functionality. It was designed for companies that ship from multiple facilities, with users in multiple locations, all performing different tasks and job functions.

    NorthScope was designed with the end user in mind. Throughout the entire application, care was given to ensure that data entry and data retrieval is optimized. Screens can be personalized per user to meet specific preferences and work styles, eliminating irrelevant information and distractions, to improve accuracy and efficiency.

    NorthScope is a comprehensive solution for Dynamics GP that will help manage your business operations and procedures. Click here to learn more about NorthScope.

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