NorthScope for the Alaskan Seafood Industry

    A Solution Tailored for the Alaskan Seafood Industry

    We have teamed up with customers in the Alaskan seafood industry to develop a detailed and comprehensive software solution. NorthScope­™ for Microsoft Dynamics® GP is designed to help fishing companies manage fishermen, employees, purchasing, receivables, and financials. NorthScope combines all of your software needs in one solution, that will reduce time spent training users and entering and analyzing data, while simultaneously improving data accuracy.

    A Comprehensive Set of Business Tools for Alaskan Seafood Companies

    Fishermen Management

    At the core of NorthScope’s Alaskan seafood features is a comprehensive set tools for fishermen management. These tools were built with fish ticket management and integration with Alaskan eLandings in mind, and information is managed in a user-friendly, configurable interface. Reduce the amount of time spent entering data manually while simultaneously improving consistency and accuracy.

    NorthScope comes pre-loaded, and is regularly updated, with ADF&G (Alaskan Department of Fish & Game) codes for: Conditions, Dispositions, Gear, Management Programs, Ports, Species, and Stat Areas. Data entry for fish tickets is performed using these codes, and ticket information can be directly uploaded to and downloaded from Alaskan eLandings databases.

    Financial management is made easy with NorthScope. Reduce the amount  Fish tickets, taxes, premiums, sales, and purchasing all integrate to your general ledger. Create and track capital improvement projects (CIP) with budgets that you set, and view month-end financial reports the way you want to view them. NorthScope’s settlement balance feature allows you to maintain real-time balances for fishermen, and process single or split settlement checks that can simply be applied against settlements or used to create a fisherman advances.

    Employee Management

    NorthScope’s payroll features were designed specifically for the Alaskan seafood industry. Base features include payroll processing, deductions and withholdings, and tracking sick, vacation, and PTO time. The Alaskan payroll features are able to integrate with your time clocks and store POS system(s), record purchases made for your employees, allow employees to make store purchases on accounts, and allow you to charge for expenses, such as room and board. These transactions automatically become payroll deductions on your next pay run. Choose NorthScope, and no longer rely on manual processes and non-integrated systems. It has never been easier to manage employee payroll.


    Whether your needs are focused solely on fish tickets, or you need to record production, sales, purchasing, payroll, and inventory, you need accurate financial records. NorthScope­­ for Microsoft Dynamics GP offers a full financial module to manage journal entries, fiscal periods, reconciliation for your bank statements, and production of monthly financials reports. Easily create and upload budgets, and use the NorthScope’s Project Accounting feature to track your capital improvement projects, maintenance costs for each vehicle and piece of equipment, and manage loan balances made to fishermen.

    Reports & Analysis

    The NorthScope platform was built to collect the critical data you need in order to manage your business. We offer both printed reports, on-screen inquiry tools that come with the system, and new reports can be added as well. You can connect directly to the system with popular reporting tools, such as Microsoft Excel®, or export the data directly from NorthScope for easy reporting. NorthScope focuses on getting you your data the way you need it, and when you need it, to meet your needs.

    Sales & Inventory

    NorthScope is a comprehensive software solution for food manufacturing companies that includes tools for shipping & logistics management, sales contract management, customer price lists, and management of promotions, brokerages, and delivered freight. NorthScope also includes a full inventory management system for lot tracking, managing inventory stock levels, product location tracking, product expiration dates, lot costing and inventory valuation, shipping, van tracking, and more. NorthScope’s workflow management system was designed specifically to handle the unique needs of food manufacturers operating from a single location, or multiple facilities in different states or countries, to ensure that your business processes are consistent and accurate, anywhere in the world.