Software solutions specifically for the unique needs of Food Manufacturers and Distributors

    NorthScope is a comprehensive Sales and Inventory Management System that goes beyond basic business management and reporting to help your people work faster and smarter. The flexible approach lets you capture the unique needs of your business by automating key business processes and offering robust integration capabilities to extend the power of NorthScope across your organization.

    NorthScope’s ability to integrate with multiple enterprise resource planning (ERP) and other line-of-business applications provides a platform that scales with your company’s organizational requirements, whether it’s extending to multiple geographically dispersed divisions, or integrating with the systems of an acquired company.

    Sales Management

    NorthScope easily handles the complexity inherent with food transactions, operating from multiple offices, or with orders that need to go through several steps before fulfillment, and managing multiple shipping and distribution facilities. Because it is easy to use and configurable, it allows you to model your procedures into streamlined and effective workflows that improve your efficiency to exceed the expectations of your customers. The NorthScope sales management suite eliminates manual tracking of:

    Sales Contract Management

    Manage contractual sales agreements between you and your customers. Use NorthScope to record contract details, assign sales items to contracts, and compute remaining balances.  Whether you have one or more open contracts for a customer, NorthScope can auto assign sales lines to the correct contract or allow users to manually assign them. Learn More…

    Automated Promotions

    NorthScope takes the complexity out of managing Promotions, Rebates, & Loyalty programs, and assures they are being correctly applied, regardless of who processes the transaction. NorthScope posts this data directly to the GL, giving you more accurate information and profitability. Assign customers and items, determine how they are calculated, and identify the date ranges so they can be automatically applied. Learn More…

    Brokerage & Commissions

    Brokerage & Commission programs are inherently labor intensive to manage, and they pose a financial risk with overpaying, or finding out too late that you have been underpaying. NorthScope easily manages and automates all the calculations for Brokerage & Commissions. Expenses post to the general ledger as the sales transactions are posted and settling them can be done with the click of a button. Learn More…

    Delivered Freight Accruals

    NorthScope allows you to easily accrue for freight on sales transactions by auto assigning amounts based on rules or manually inputting actual quotes. Costs are entered for each unique shipment and are auto distributed to each line item so your sales will more accurately reflect profitability, which helps you make better business decisions. Learn More…

    Price List Management

    Manage multiple Price Lists and keep track of price history. Assign multiple Price Lists to Customers in the sequence you want them to be evaluated. Use formula-based pricing to update prices and link multiple price items together so that changes to one impact all. Learn More…


    Whether you have an existing EDI solution, or are in need of one, NorthScope can help. NorthScope is already integrated with several EDI platforms and easily manages receiving orders from your customers and invoicing them as the orders are completed.

    Inventory Management

    Your inventory is a major company asset and properly managing it is important to your success. Whether you produce your own products, or you sell and distribute purchased products, it is critical that you know how much you have, where it is located, and what the value is. NorthScope makes managing your inventory very simple. Learn More…

    Item Management

    NorthScope’s Item Management features were created to help companies better describe and track their items. With Item Management, you decide what attributes you want to track and which items they belong to. NorthScope provides unlimited Attributes so that you can correctly manage all of your items. This allows companies to better describe their items, inactivate duplicate codes, and use their items for business analysis and other features within NorthScope. Learn More…

    Inventory Transactions

    Enter Productions, Transfers, and Adjustments in interfaces designed specifically for each transaction. Configure everything about your products to provide clarity and drive system functionality. Lot track the items you require and use Bin Tracking only in the Sites you track. Extend lot tracking by providing Lot Holds that can be automatically or manually applied and removed.  Learn More…

    Logistics & Shipment Planning

    Plan shipments by grouping orders onto loads and sequencing them by delivery order. Schedule your own delivery fleets and outside shipping companies for both full truckload and LTL deliveries. Print all of your shipping paperwork in one single step. NorthScope’s Logistics module fully integrates with Sales Management to ensure order cutoffs are honored and transaction edits are coordinated with the shipping manager. Learn More…


    Commodity Purchasing

    Manage the process of purchasing commodities directly from farmers. Use NorthScope to automate the taxes and deductions for delivery tickets, managing multiple price sheets, and accrue for hauling and harvesting charges. Take delivery samples and apply results to the entire load to guarantee accurate pricing.  Learn More…

    Seafood Purchasing

    Manage the process of purchasing seafood directly from fishermen. NorthScope offers full support for Seafood plants in the state of Alaska. Use NorthScope to automate the taxes and premiums on your delivery tickets, manage ticket re-pricing, sell to fisherman and tenders, manage employee purchases, and create Fisherman Payments.  Learn More…


    NorthScope’s Manufacturing module allows for the organization of bills of materials and planning items to create and manage input and output products. Customers are able to create and manage bills of materials and assign them to specific manufacturing sites to ensure production consistency across multiple locations.


    Manage the cost of input and output products on a grand scale, or individually update costs of planning items to reflect the cost among all input and output bills of materials they are associated with. Use NorthScope to manage cost formulas for the items you produce. Whether your items are break down, build up, or both, or whether you are a Process Manufacture, Discrete Manufacture, or both, NorthScope can help. Use NorthScope to apply your costs to your lots and to add freight costs to product you transfer to distribution facilities. Learn More…

    Project Accounting

    Whether you have a requirement to create Financials for specific projects or you just want to associate expenses to specific equipment to determine when to replace them, NorthScope’s project tracking can help.  Setup and manage unlimited number of projects.  Assign them to your Project classes and determine which modules can post to them. Use project reporting for real time analysis of all your projects. Learn More.

    Business Intelligence

    Quickly and effectively review sales data and reports in easy-to-read formats with our NorthScope Data Warehouse solution. It analyzes reports, budgets and more from both NorthScope as well as your host system to deliver information that will help you analyze and prepare your business for the future. Learn More about NorthScope Data Warehouse.


    Establish routine tasks and transaction steps without relying on one or two key individuals to retain information. NorthScope features highly configurable workflows, which mirror the steps of your business transactions and assigns them by transaction type and site. These workflows help to increase efficiency, reduce training time, and preserve company procedures.

    Security and Data Access

    NorthScope enables companies to ensure that users can only see data relevant to their roles, helping to increase productivity by eliminating distractions and clutter. Security roles and groups can be established, which define the level of access users have to pages, reports, operations, buttons and even data fields, giving business owners the confidence that their users can only do what they have been authorized for.


    The NorthScope Difference

    Unlike other ERP system add-ons or enhancements, which may only provide one or two features, NorthScope offers a complete, process-driven application, with features that cover all areas of your business. NorthScope provides a complete solution that enhances your processes for sales management, shipping and logistics, inventory management, purchasing, project accounting, costing, and more. The interface is easy to learn, and reduces complex tasks into simple transactions.

    NorthScope lets you take advantage of the power of Dynamics GP and other ERP systems while adding tools to better manage your business and allow your staff to work faster and more efficiently.

    Highly Configurable

    Most companies need more than a one-size-fits-all ERP solution to manage their business. NorthScope provides additional functionality to allow your company to do its best. Certain modules permit users to add notes, comments, and fill in additional fields to provide extra information regarding items, contracts, transactions and more. Transactions can be adjusted as needed prior to posting, inventory managed between sites, promotions and loyalty discounts can be handled per item and per customer, and more.

    On the back end, administrators can selectively decide what content individual users are able to see, in order to prevent confusion or distraction by irrelevant information. Users can also customize their own grid interfaces to match their own individual work styles.

    In addition to a flexible user interface, our administrative and development team here at NorthScope are constantly listening for feedback from customers to discover how NorthScope can better help them, their teams, and their businesses. We are happy to consider your feedback for future versions of NorthScope. Contact Us Today to Learn More…


    NorthScope is built around integrating with new and existing systems to add a custom solution designed specifically for your business. Many features within NorthScope will automatically push and pull data from the host system if it is desired to do so. This intuitive interface is designed to streamline your processes and reduce time spent juggling multiple programs or forgetting to update critical information.

    Our team at NorthScope is knowledgeable in existing ERP technologies and would love to help you decide if the NorthScope solution is the best for your business. Learn More about our Methodology for Implementing NorthScope.