Go North – Software Implementation

    Go North – Software Implementation

    NorthScope for your Existing Enterprise

    Purchasing the best system does not guarantee you get the best implementation. Without a proven methodology and expertise for managing the implementation, additional costs are likely to occur with no guarantee of producing the desired result.  Ensuring a successful implementation from start to finish is the differentiating factor of every NorthScope solution.  Our teams are skilled in both NorthScope and business process improvement and we leverage each to go beyond simply training your staff on how to use the software.  We take the time to get to know you, your staff, and your goals and we design a solution that meets your needs.  We then work diligently to install, configure and then train your staff and we follow up to ensure the solution is meeting your needs.  Our implementation approach sets us apart from the competition and ensures you realize long term value.


    During this phase, our goal is to learn as much about your organization to ensure we have a good foundation for designing your solution.  We will interview your subject matter experts about your short and long term goals, review your lines of business, and review your current business systems.  We will also help ascertain whether something is truly a business requirement or just the way things have been done in the past.  The deliverable is a detailed document summarizing the Discovery into requirements.  At the end of this process, you will have the confidence that we have the right level of understanding of both your business and your team to make the project a success.

    Solution Design

    During this phase we take what was learned in the Discovery and align it with the features of the software.  We identify any gaps as well as any areas that may require additional review.  We identify how to utilize the functionality of our solution to meet your objectives and identify options for phasing in the solution to meet your timeline.  The deliverable is a detailed document summarizing the Solution and identifying the timeline required to meet your objectives.  At the end of this phase, you will have a detailed roadmap to lead you to success.

    Data Migration & Configuration

    During this phase we implement the Solution.  We begin by installing the software and plugging in all the components.  We migrate any large setup files, add users, configure security, and pre-configure the system to meet your desired solution.  We can also migrate historical transactional data to allow for all analysis to be done from the new system.  The deliverable is a fully configured and documented system that is ready for training.  Now you’ll be able to focus more of your budget on things that will improve your operations and not on remedial data entry tasks.

    User Training

    Once the Data Migration & Configuration is complete, we being system training.  The first step is to walk the system administrators through each transaction and feature to ensure we get the desired results for each scenario. We then walk them through the configuration documentation and train them how to modify and manage the system.  Once this is done we are ready to train the end users in a system that is ready for go live.  By the end of this phase, your end users will be trained on only the areas that pertain to them and your system administrators will be fully trained on the entire solution.  You can rest assured that your end users are ready for the system launch and administrators will have the knowledge to do the majority of future training.

    System Launch

    After the User Training is complete, we begin the transition towards the launch date.  We detail the transition process between your old system and NorthScope and we test it so we can reliably replicate the import or manual entry of any open transactions.  On launch day we are either on-site or in constant contact with your users making sure everything works smoothly and that any questions are dealt with immediately.  We ensure a smooth transition during the first few days of go live.  It is our top priority to ensure our plan accounts for everything that must be done and that operations run smoothly during the transition.

    Ongoing Support

    After the System Launch, the NLP team is there to provide ongoing support.  With any implementation there are always things that need to be changed so we stay in close contact with your team to ensure we respond quickly and efficiently.  We pride ourselves in our outstanding support and the great relationships we have with our customers.  We remain in regular contact with all of our customers and are always available to help and also act as a sounding board for everything from simple adjustments to the configuration of an entirely new project.  You have a team of professionals standing behind your implementation.