Secure Your Company’s Success By Securing Your Data

Secure Your Company’s Success By Securing Your Data

Imagine your company compromised 40 million credit card records due to a data security breach. Then imagine that in response to the breach, your sales dropped 46%. Finally, imagine your company losing $236 million due to breach-related costs. Well, Target didn’t have to imagine it in 2013 when this was their reality1.

If Target’s credit card hack in 2013 taught us one thing, it’s that a data breach is costly to both a company’s reputation and it’s bottom line. Luckily, Target’s reality does not have to become yours.

With proactive security measures, you can ensure that your company is doing its part in securing its data. Fortunately, NorthScope is a web-based software with advanced user-permission settings, providing you with two safeguards against a data breach.

Web-Based Software

NorthScope is built on modern technology and can be installed on your network or hosted in the cloud. Whether NorthScope is installed locally or hosted in the cloud, you are provided a higher degree of security as your data is frequently backed up, preventing you from losing any critical information in the event of a data breach. In addition, NorthScope’s ability to be hosted in the cloud lends itself to higher security, as research has found that clouds are more secure than traditional IT systems2.

Advanced User-Permission Settings

Thanks to NorthScope’s advanced security settings that allow you to configure user-permissions to pages, buttons, and data fields, NorthScope helps you prevent sensitive data from being accessed by the wrong personnel. With NorthScope, you can restrict user access to only the pages, buttons, fields, and reports you authorize and even control what data users can see.  Whether you run multiple locations, separate divisions, or have high security needs, NorthScope can accommodate your needs.

NorthScope’s user security is setup via security groups that control permissions for every page and page component in the system. NorthScope ensures that all new pages are inserted with no security access so that granting permission to new pages must be intentional. In addition, NorthScope allows you to setup different levels of permissions, including Full Rights for add/edit, Read Only which only allows users to see the data, or No Rights which means they do not even see the page in the menu.

For more information on NorthScope’s user security setup, click here.

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