Sales Management

    Sales Management

    NorthScope is a sales management solution that easily handles the complexity that comes with food transactions, operating from multiple offices, with orders that need to go through several steps before fulfillment, and managing multiple shipping and distribution facilities. Because it is easy to use and configurable, NorthScope allows you to model your procedures into streamlined and effective workflows that improve your efficiency to exceed the expectations of your customers, and meet the personal operating styles of your employees. 

    NorthScope includes all of the data fields you expect from a sales order system, as well as advanced features, such as tracking both Unit and Weight units of measure, workflow, status, promotions, freight, and discounts. NorthScope manages your business through all stages of the ordering process:

    Quote: Enter quotes quickly and send Sales Confirmations to your customers. Quotes utilize all the same logic as orders but do not make commitments against inventory. As quotes are approved by your customers, they are easily converted to orders or invoices.

    Order: Begin as new transactions or from converted quotes. Sales orders control all the order details including promotions, shipping information, item allocation, and more.

    Invoice: Begin with new transactions or from converted orders or quotes. Invoices are the document that contains all the financial information for the transaction. Invoices allow review, edit, approve, and invoicing via print or automated email.

    Price Adjustment: Select invoices from history and use the Price Adjustment Wizard to create a single correcting invoice, or to create both a new invoice and a credit of the original invoice. All other details of the transaction including lot allocations are correctly assigned to the price adjustment transaction.

    Returns: Select invoices from history and use the Return Wizard to process returns. NorthScope can issue RMA’s and also ensure that only items sold on the originating Invoice can be returned and that the returned quantity cannot exceed the shipped quantity, regardless of how many returns are issued against the invoice.

    Sales Contract Management

    Sales Contracts are used to manage sales obligations between the company and a customer. Contracts identify the customer, effective dates, items, quantities, and prices. Contracts can be manually or auto-assigned to sales order and sales invoice line items.

    Automated Promotions

    Eliminate the complexity of managing promotions with NorthScope. Create promotions and let NorthScope automatically assign them to sales transaction line items that meet the qualifications. Each promotion stores the effective date range, applicable items and/or item sets, promotion rates, and the list of customers that are eligible.

    Any transaction made within the promotional period that has line items that meet the qualifications of a promotion will automatically be granted that promotion, regardless of who processes the transaction. Because the promotion is part of the transaction, it posts directly to the general ledger, giving you the ability to analyze the effectiveness and profitability of your promotions.

    Brokerage, Rebates & Commissions

    Eliminate the complexity of managing brokerages, rebates, and commissions with NorthScope. Use NorthScope to eliminate the possibility of accidentally overpaying or finding out too late that you have underpaid someone. Each brokerage or rebate program stores the effective date range, applicable items and/or item sets, program rates, and the list of customers that are eligible. Brokerage programs become payables and rebate programs become AR credits when they are settled. Settling accounts is easy and will automatically post to the general ledger when they are created.

    Delivered Freight Accruals

    Freight is often one of the largest expenses, and you should have assurances that your freight costs are being correctly applied. For companies that include freight in the sales price, knowing the correct freight amount is the only way to determine customer and item profitability. Accrue freight on sales transactions with ease through manually inputting quotes or automatically assigning amounts based on existing rules.

    Accruals can be determined by date ranges, address sets, sites and individual carriers for a wide range of detail to ensure accuracy. Costs are entered for each shipment, and are automatically distributed per each line item to better reflect profits for future business decisions.

    Price List Management

    Whether you manage a single company price list or customer-specific prices, NorthScope can help.

    With NorthScope Price List management, you can create price lists and retain price history for both individual items and item sets. Price lists can be assigned to customers or to individual customer addresses, and can be updated manually, from a linked price list, or by using the Mass Update feature. This saves companies several hours of time tracking down past sales histories, projecting future sales estimations, and having to assign new prices at the last minute. NorthScope allows companies to see their future price plans and compare them to current prices.

    Managing price lists effectively helps companies stay on top of their market, especially during annual periods where prices may be lower or higher due to seasonal production and/or availability. Analyzing past trends in pricing can help companies prepare for future markets, and simultaneously updating multiple price lists helps saves time, labor, money, and frustration.