Logistics & Shipment Planning

    Logistics Management & Shipment Planning

    Manage Sales Order Shipments

    Whether a company has their own transportation fleet or uses outside carriers, coordinating shipments and drops in an efficient manner has a direct impact on shipping costs and on-time shipping performance.

    NorthScope’s Logistics Management (LM) module provides robust functionality for planning shipments of orders on trucks, in containers, and/or for customer pickup. Fully integrated with the Sales Orders module, the LM module uses configurable business rules for pre-grouping sales orders onto loads based on common shipping elements such as requested ship date, carrier and shipping facility.

    This helps to speed up the load planning process for the logistics department. The integration with Sales Order also provides real-time updates between the modules so the customer service/sales order entry users and the logistics planning users always see the latest information and status of orders.

    • Real-time integration with ERP and accounting systems
    • Web-based and compatible with all the major internet browsers
    • Group sales orders into loads and manage the logistics planning for all loads

    Logistics Management Process

    Group Orders: Group sales orders into loads based on similar logistics characteristics such as location, ship date and carrier.

    Plan Shipments: Plan for shipments by determining loading sequence, locations, expected arrival and departure times.

    Manage Changes: Manage changes to orders to determine what can be changed after the Sales Order is in Logistics and Planning to prevent conflicts.

    Process Shipments: Process shipments and track actual arrival and departure times, container numbers, seal numbers and other shipment tracking information.

    NorthScope reduces the busy work and allows your Logistics Planners to focus on scheduling carriers, scheduling drops, tracking shipments, and creating shipping documentation.

    NorthScope’s Logistics Module provides options for tracking detailed information about planned versus actual arrival time and planned versus actual departure time to track detailed on-time performance and other shipping related metrics. Users can print standard documentation such as BOL’s, Packing Slips, Picking and Loading Instructions, and Customs Documents as well as any customized documentation you require all from within the Logistics interface.

    Providing the ability to access load shipment data will allow managers to measure both internal shipping performance and external carrier performance to help identify areas for improvement and/or reward high performance.

    Northlake Partners leveraged an extensive background in Food Manufacturing and Distribution, ERP industry experience and Business Process Consulting to create NorthScope. Each implementation is backed by this experience and is combined with the capabilities of NorthScope to maximize our client’s potential for business and operational improvements.