Inventory Management

    Inventory Management

    Inventory is often a company’s single largest asset, and having a system that effectively manages it can be the difference between profits and loss. NorthScope’s inventory management system monitors your stock levels, product locations, product value, and product lots. Whether you produce your own products, sell and distribute purchased products, or both, NorthScope’s inventory module is designed to help track and manage inventory and inventory transactions.

    Item Management

    NorthScope helps companies better describe and manage inventory items. Assign product attributes to items to provide clarity and detail beyond just item codes and descriptions. Item Attributes are assigned based on rules to assure your items contain all the relevant data you require. These attributes drive the ability to create item sets that can be used throughout NorthScope to group items together based on similar characteristics. Once your setup is complete you will have additional details about your products that ensure the items you make and sell are understood by all members of the organization.

    Inventory Transactions

    NorthScope understands that not all inventory transactions operate the same. For this reason, NorthScope users are able to enter inventory productions, transfers, transfer orders, and adjustments in interfaces designed specifically for each transaction.

    For a more precise level of quality control, NorthScope offers Lot tracking for shipments. Companies can view and track manufacture dates, expiration dates, allocated, available and on-hand units, weights, costs, country of origin, and more.

    Lot tracking can be further expanded by providing Lot Holds to ensure that quality procedures, such as inspection, can be performed in a timely manner without affecting other production schedules. These holds can be set to auto-expire after a certain time, or manually removed at the company’s discretion.