NorthScope Data Warehouse

    NorthScope Data Warehouse

    Get the most out of your data to make business decisions faster and more accurately.

    Correct business decisions are made based on having the right information.  The NorthScope Data Warehouse provides the data you need to quickly and accurately analyze all aspects of your business.

    Whether you prefer Excel Pivot Tables, Reporting Services Web Reports, or full blow Executive Dashboards, you can be up and running in a fraction of the time because the data is already organized and ready to go.

    The NorthScope Data Warehouse consolidates and rolls-up your data into a streamlined and easy-to-use format.  It is built in Microsoft SQL Server, so it’s fully compatible with all reporting engines that utilize SQL Server.  It is also integrated with Dynamics GP and Dynamics AX.

    Why spend valuable staff time and resources on expensive ad-hoc analysis when this can be done for you?  We consolidate your data into predefined rollups that make the process of creating personalized reports and dashboards easier and faster.