Comply and Conquer the Food Quality Expectations and Challenges

Comply and Conquer the Food Quality Expectations and Challenges

Is your company concerned with food safety? Is your company challenged with the demand to document information relating to food quality? Is your company positioned in the highly competitive food industry? Is your company trying to increase its market share and profits? If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, you are faced with the same dilemmas as all food manufacturers1.

Now imagine you had a solution to these dilemmas that could set you apart from your competition. To beat out the competition, you must ensure that your products are of higher quality, less expensive, and more desirable than your competitors’ while ensuring they are safe and nutritious2. By offering a streamlined process of recording quality test results and improved methods for maintaining traceability, NorthScope can help you do just that.

Read below to learn more about how NorthScope’s Quality Test Results and Lot Certifications can help you comply with food quality documentation standards and conquer the food quality challenges of traceability and competition.

Comply with Food Quality Documentation Standards

Food manufacturers are legally required to maintain records regarding the quality and safety of their products and failure to maintain these records will result in the product being treated as unsellable3. Therefore, it is important for food manufacturers to maintain well-kept food quality documentation on both legal and monetary levels.

With government specifications pertaining to the composition, quality, inspection, and labeling of specific food products4, NorthScope allows users to easily record the test results from tests completed on various food products to identify their composition.

Using the combination of Quality Tests, , Quality Test Results, and Production Batches, NorthScope users can create specific  lists of tests for each type of produced product and record the test results specific to that batch once the testing has been complete. Because the test results are specific to each test ID and therefore specific to each batch, NorthScope users can easily identify product that does not meet the necessary requirements for certain standards to prevent recalls before they happen as well as identify product that meets or exceeds these requirements to determine the appropriate buyer.

Conquer the Challenge of Traceability

Food traceability aids food manufacturers in maintaining environment and ingredient control, in responding to recalls or customer inquiries efficiently and effectively, and in providing proof of product expectations to both customers and officials1. In addition, food traceability allows food manufacturers to best ensure that their product consistently has the same overall properties4.

NorthScope provides users with the ability to track product properties and test results from production to testing to selling via the relationship between production batches, quality tests, and lots. With lot certifications, users can assign certifications to specific items and sites so that production batches can be automatically marked with these certifications. Then, production batches can be assigned specific test IDs that correspond to quality test results, allowing the user to verify the quality of the production batch’s product. By tracking the certifications and quality test results of each production batch, NorthScope users can easily identify to whom and how to sell the product produced from each lot.

Conquer the Competition

Today, consumers have endless choices when it comes to buying product, which means that one bad experience may cost a company that customer’s business forever4. Moreover, it would be economically disastrous and damaging to a food manufacturer’s image if it was to sell product that was harmful or toxic4. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the food manufacturer to do what it can to ensure its products are free from harmful substances, both ethically and monetarily.

If food manufacturers want to beat out their competition, they must provide proof that their product is safe and of high quality, which can be done with NorthScope’s combination of quality test results and lot certifications.

Moreover, many times buyers will impose contractual expectations of both documentation of a product’s properties and its quality3. Fortunately, NorthScope helps its users meet these expectations by providing users the ability to record and trace a product’s properties from production to selling and by allowing users to guarantee only certified items get sold to certain customers.


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